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Get text updates!!

Text RIPPLN INFO to 90210. We will send you text and or email updates about our hangout, call and training schedule.  If you live outside the United States you will receive email updates.  Just fill out the form!


Watch this quick video to get started.

Build Your Tsunami

So, Troy Olds who brought me into rippln showed me his secrets for building TSUNAMI’s out of his Ripples…  This video will show you the process.  (get started on it ASAP!!!)

How To Build Your Team FAST (From One Of Our Leaders)

Hey Everyone

Manny has been doing an AWESOME job building his team and helping create leaders inside of his Ripple, so I asked him if he’d make a video showing his process.  Please watch this and use it to find those inside of your Ripple that can help you to create a tsunami.

Thanks Manny!

Russell Brunson

Use our hangout to close your peeps…

Hey Everyone

We used this google hangout to get a LOT of people into our ripples, and the coolest thing is we NEVER told people what cell # to text us during the video (we kept telling them to look below the video and text that number.

If you want to show people this video and tell them to text you… or post the video on your blog / facebook and put your cell # under the video, it will work awesome for you.

So, if you want to use it, here is the embed code:


Russell Brunson

Get Your Ripples PLUGGED In ASAP!

Hey Everyone, I’m sure that you’re LOVING seeing how fast your ripples are growing (I know that I am)…

Now, the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you can do now to get your teams growing from Ripples into a Tsunami is to get them plugged into our team training and resources.  We will help to train, motivate, incentivize and grow your teams.

So, after someone joins your ripple, here are the 2 things you need to send them to get them plugged in.

FIRST – access to the “Team Tsunami” members area.  Send them this link so they can create their account:

SECOND – access to the “Team Tsunami” facebook group.  Send them this link so they can join the FB group:


Russell Brunson

TheTeamTsunami Facebook Group

Hey Everyone – we just got our team FaceBook group setup. Please come in there to hang out with our team, ask any questions you have, and keep up with all the latest Rippln news.

Oh ya… and invite your team to come hang out with us. :)

Russell Brunson

How To Build (corporate approved)

Ok – so here is another video I did… this one doesn’t show the back office, so you can how this to anyone or post it anywhere you want without getting in any trouble.  Here’s the link if you want to share it with anyone:

Hope this helps!

Russell Brunson

How To Build (Only Show People Under NDA)

Here is a video I made on how to build… I got in trouble for showing it to people who hadn’t signed the NDA, so we had to hide it here…  So, PLEASE don’t show this to anyone who hasn’t signed an NDA… but after they have, this video is an awesome tool.

If you do want to share it with someone under NDA, you can send them this link (NOTE: do NOT mass post this, just to people on your team who have signed NDAs)

Message From Launch Event In Dallas!!!

Hey Everyone – video from my and Troy in Dallas!!!  Watch this ASAP to get excited!!!

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